3 Tips To Score Big This Sunday (And Why You Can’t Say Super Bowl 50)

With the Big Game a mere three days away you may be wondering how to piggy back on its popularity to increase sales, engagement or just to get your name out. Unfortunately, the NFL makes it difficult as brands can’t … Continue reading

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wedü Announces New Leadership and Hires

We’re proud to announce several promotions and new hires to support continued agency growth! Corey Shaw assumes a new role as Director of Technical Development, leading the agency’s web development and IT teams. The development team adds Jeff Mattson as Web … Continue reading

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2016 01 Trends

2016 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

2015 was a great year for brands embracing digital. New publication and promotion platforms emerged, podcasting made a comeback and 360 degree immersive video became widely available with or without fancy headsets. It was also a year where many ‘best … Continue reading

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The Last #üOughtaKnow of 2015: Through The Grape(Vine), Google Photos and Streams, and Up Periscope

#üOughtaKnow is a combination of digital crib notes and marketers’ cheat sheet, bringing you important – and occasionally weird — stories and trends from digital marketing news. This week in #üOughtaKnow will share some new stories as well as updates … Continue reading

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2016 01 Trends Immersive

2016 Trends to Watch – Immersive Content

Nimble Brands Cash In on Accessible Novelty, but is this Version of Virtual Reality a Magic Bullet? Immersive, 360 video in both 2D and 3D flavors is quickly becoming more easily accessible from most mobile devices with or without headgear. … Continue reading

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2016 01 Trends Engagement

2016 Trends to Watch – Engagement over Interruption

When the Club is Crowded, Be the Bartender I’ve always likened engagement v. interruptions to a crowded nightclub scenario. Think back to your singles days of pub hopping (or modern networking). There are four ways to get attention in a … Continue reading

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2016 01 Trends Hypertargetting

2016 Trends to Watch – Hypertargetted Cross-Channel Remarketing

Smarter Placement Strategies Yield Big Acquisition All of 2015’s favorite buzzwords got together for a powerful digital marketing super team that blends big data, ‘small’ data and our favorite marketing platforms. If I were Oprah, hypertargetted cross-channel remarketing would be … Continue reading

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