06 Sep Double The Ad Means Double The Opportunity

Google announced upcoming changes to text ads on their search network in May. Expanded Text Ads, about two times the size of current ads, were one of the many exciting announcements for brands. Google has now officially launched them. But don’t worry, your standard text ads are safe for now. What are Expanded Text Ads? Brands now have twice as much space...

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29 Aug Humans of wedü, Anna

Anna Pantazis, Account Manager "I swam with a whale shark. I am brave. Even when I don’t feel brave, I remember that I jumped in the water with a whale shark. First time snorkeling, I’m in Puerto Rico on a boat with my cousin and these guys, in retrospect it wasn’t a very professional operation if you know what I mean....

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22 Aug A How To For Making Money Using Pinterest

In November of 2012 HubSpot predicted that Pinterest would implement business analytics and a ‘Buy It Now button.’ Flash forward 4 years and both features are up and running and another buying option has been added: Buy It On Pinterest. Added in June, the Buy It Now option is a welcome addition to Pinterest by those who are using it for...

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11 Aug Brand Footprint Is About To Explode

Verizon announced that they are purchasing Yahoo and the deal will be finalized by Q1 of 2017. For most people this news is just another company spending big money to acquire potential competition. For digital marketers, however, this is a game changer. Much like Microsoft’s purchase of LinkedIn, Verizon’s purchase will influence how digital marketers create impact for the brands...

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13 Jul Not Every Bounce is Created Equal

If you have ever been involved with email marketing then you are familiar with the term “bounce.” Marketers are always asking about bounce rate and working to improve it. But why? Email bounces can hurt your overall email marketing program, but not every bounce is created equal. There are soft bounces and hard bounces. Soft bounces are less worrisome and won’t...

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11 Jul Humans of wedü, Nicole

Nicole Manning, Account Manager “Throughout my marketing career I’ve done a lot of work for the State of New Hampshire. I grew up here but working on these accounts, having the state as a client, I mean that’s where I really learned all about everything New Hampshire has to offer and the bigger picture. So now when I’m planning our trips,...

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21 Jun Potential Game Changer for Pay-Per-Click

Microsoft announced that they are purchasing LinkedIn. Besides the fact that they are paying $26.2 billion in cash for the company, you may be thinking ‘what’s the big deal’? Well, this acquisition is not just a big deal, it is a HUGE deal. From a digital marketing perspective this is a game changer. Google Adwords has always dominated pay-per-click (PPC) advertising....

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Colorless men crowd

10 Jun Who Should Handle Your Social Media?

I recently read an article on AdAge that said “brands should be using a PR agency for social media management.” As an employee of an agency that offers public relations services I hate to disagree, but I do. The reality is that there is no right answer when it comes to who should handle your social media because every brand is...

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07 Jun Resenting a Brand – Business Failures Caused by Brand Failure

That may sound harsh, but it’s completely true. Running a business and managing a brand are equally important and completely different. There are businesses that are successful because consumers don’t have a choice but to use their product or service. The brand, to a great degree, is irrelevant. However, once there’s a competitive option, the exodus begins, and the business...

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27 May Mobile-First and SEO with Google

How often do you pick up your phone and Google something? Whether it’s a random question, a local attraction or even directions? Chances are that you are in the majority of users who are doing this often.  Google recently shared that there are TRILLIONS of mobile Google searches every year and with this huge increase in mobile users they want...

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