Chris Thompson

Vice President of Business Development

Chris is our perpetual motion machine for generating new business as well as helping keep our clients engaged and excited. He has directed hundreds-deep sales teams for global IT brands and serves on the Board of Directors for Make-A-Wish New Hampshire. While he may be most well-known for authoring nine years’ worth of business columns in the New Hampshire Union Leader (so far), his true artistic passion is crafting compelling business proposals. And planes. And fishing. But mostly the proposals.


What’s for lunch?
I am at Chipotle almost every day. My debit card got hacked there and yet I still eat there all the time, I love it that much.

Where can you be found when away from your desk?
Chipotle! Or over at Talient Action Group. I have a desk there, too.

Coolest place you’ve visited?
Switzerland, by far. Skiing the Alps. The people, the food, the landscape….they just do a lot of things right over there.

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