With our help, PROCON launched a complete company rebrand that emphasizes their combined architectural design, project management and planning expertise, and construction services. The brand exercise resulted in a strong icon representing the various partnerships and relationships in a design/build project, as well as a core messaging with a new tag line at the forefront. Following the rebrand a new website that better reflected PROCON’s unique approach was required. A main pain point with their previous branding and website were that their unique offerings were not showcased well. Small images and outdated copy did not show their innovative projects in their best light.

Planning, organization, communication and leadership are PROCON’s hallmarks so during their rebranding process we performed extensive research and worked strategically to find their core brand. We got to know their innovative, forward-thinking philosophy during the process and took the information we had learned, and developed the tag line, “Connect, Create, Construct”.


Our team was responsible for designing and creating a new brand identity to better reflect PROCON’s unique approach to client projects. The focused collaboration of overall project management, architectural services, construction and all related building requirements was a clear differentiator and became the focus of the rebrand effort.

The logo is representative of the three parties involved in a successful project – the client, the architect and the builder. The client is represented by the large red block. This is also representative of the foundation of the building project. The upper two arrows pointing to a successful future, each in a different tone of grey, represent PROCON and their unique combined expertise of architecture and building. Looking closely, the two grey triangle icons not only form an arrow to the positive, but also represent the collective of PROCON as a company. It was clear through the branding and core value process that PROCON takes their ability to have collective impact on a project to heart.

The larger grey arrows shows the depth of expertise and service that PROCON delivers to all clients through their assistance with legal matters related to planning, environmental, and site plans, as well as the other project influences such as financing requirements, and even public relations the clients may undertake. There is a lot of power in those triangles.


The focus of the award-nominated website was to compliment the new brand as a representation of PROCON’s capabilities, size, portfolio and partners. The new website provides an interactive platform for PROCON to feature a wide variety of projects in a collective portfolio and prove the value that their fully integrated design-build process delivers to their customers.

Showcasing their work was one of the top priorities of the site, but making their web presence more user friendly played a key role as well. We designed the new website to be innovative, but easy to navigate and track. By adding Google Analytics we are now able to monitor pages that perform well and poorly and make adjustments.

Visit PROCON’s new website and see their innovation for yourself.

Building on Resultsd

The entire project was not only resulted in great outcomes for visuals, messaging and marketing materials, but also created the foundation for all areas of communication. With a better understanding of who they are, and a clear and concise manner in which to communicate this message, PROCON is now able to catapult their efforts in sales, marketing, client and vendor relationships, and much more.

So often, a business may have a wonderful character and story, but it hasn’t been developed to its potential. PROCON can easily speak to their strengths and articulate their brand clearly. The wedü team thanks PROCON for being such a wonderful partner, and we are excited by the vision.