Author: Sean Owen

24 Sep Using the “Five Whys” for Marketing

You wouldn’t expect that a problem solving technique developed by an auto manufacturer would catch on to become the darling of process refinement, but Sakichi Toyoda’s (of Toyota Motor Corporation) iterative “Five Whys” have earned a place in much of business from Six Sigma to...

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27 Aug The wedü Code Brü Challenge

Back in January, I started a fun CodePen challenge to my co-workers, called Code Brü. Entrants can build anything you want on CodePen with a given theme, then everyone votes on their favorite entry. The winner receives a free 6-pack of beer (or a spirit)...

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17 Jul How to Remove Spam Bots from Google Analytics – and Keep ‘em Off!

You're prepping a website report for management and there it is in brazen glory, a spam entry in your top referral sources. If you're lucky, it's one of the more 'safe-for-work' spam sources. Common Google Analytics referral source spammers include: Unfortunately, there's a growing trend of pornographic...

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04 Jun An Event Apart 2015

Earlier this year Jeremy Paris and I had the pleasure of attending the 2015 An Event Apart Web Design Conference in Boston Massachusetts. This is an excellent conference for any company that works with web development, design, UX, marketing, or social media. Every year there...

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