Expanding Your Ad Horizons: What You Need to Know about Google’s New Text Ad Format

14 Sep Expanding Your Ad Horizons: What You Need to Know about Google’s New Text Ad Format

Expanding Your Ad Horizons: What You Need to Know about Google’s New Text Ad Format

Author: Kateri Bean, Digital Advertising Specialist

Chances are you’re familiar with Google’s text ad format. You know how to make the most of the two headlines and the single eighty-character description, but no matter how successful your ads are, you have probably found yourself wishing for just a little more space.

We’ve all been there. You’ve hit your eighty characters but feel like you’ve left something vital out. Or you’ve come up with two great headlines and have to pick just one. While you’ve still created some fantastic ads, you know that if you had a little more space they’d be a lot better.

Google knew this too, which is why this fall they are changing their text ad format to include an extra headline and descriptor along with ten more characters, giving you almost double the space! So, what does this mean for you? Beyond the obvious fact that you will now get to say twice as much in your ads, there are several other benefits to this new format which you will now be able to utilize.

More Reasons to Click

Armed with your extra text, your ads will as a result be more enticing, informative and visible. This could lead to better click through rates because your audience will be provided more details about your product or brand. You can share more upfront, which your audience will find valuable. However, even though your ad size may have doubled, it is still important to be highly strategic in what you use that space for! Make sure you’re still putting your best foot forward and writing ads which are concise, yet rich in detail.

Bigger Ads, More Space

It’s obvious, but it shouldn’t be overlooked! As we mentioned above, your ads will be bigger now, which means they will take up more space on a page. This means more people have the ability to see your ad because it will be harder to ignore. This could backfire though, if you aren’t in the number one ad spot, your ad will be hidden under larger ads, so be sure you’re setting yourself up for success and claiming that number one spot!

Testing, Testing

With additional space comes the ability to test even more variations of your ad! Play around with various headlines and descriptors! You will now have many more combinations of text to mix and match. This can help you to see what really works (and what doesn’t).

URLs Simplified

Another change taking place is that AdWords will automatically extract the domain from your final URL. This means that you can add two paths to enhance the URL which will then be displayed in the ad. For example, if your final URL is www.example.com/bakery/pasteries/donuts then your display URL would simply be www.example.com, leaving you with a cleaner looking ad.

Clearly, there is plenty to be excited about in this new template! Whether you’re looking to increase your brand awareness or have better conversion rates, these expanded ads will be beneficial to you. As a digital marketing agency, we can’t wait to utilize the extra space and expand the advertising horizons of our clients.

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