Humans of wedü, Carolanne Donovan

22 Nov Humans of wedü, Carolanne Donovan

Carolanne Donovan, Social Media Storyteller

I’m into sewing because I like having clothes that nobody else has, and even off-the-rack clothes, it’s very rewarding improving them to fit perfectly. I’m a very detail-oriented person and you HAVE to be detail-oriented when working on certain features…Like when you’re putting in a welt pocket, you can’t just go for it…you have to plan and be very precise, because if it’s even just a little bit longer on one side then the welt doesn’t fold into the pocket properly and you end up with this weird diagonal shaped thing across your butt. I’m also in a local quilting guild and we make charity quilts for nonprofit associations. I think we’ve made seven this year, one of them was auctioned off for almost three thousand dollars in January.

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