The Facebook Update We’ve All Been Waiting For

30 Oct The Facebook Update We’ve All Been Waiting For

The Facebook Update We’ve All Been Waiting For

Author: Carolanne Donovan, Social Media Storyteller

If you’ve ever had your Facebook ad rejected, you understand the frustration that the 20% rule provides. The 20% rule was established as a way of minimizing noise and clutter on the platform, while at the same time appeasing the human brain’s natural instinct to view images on a page first. Essentially the rule requires that text cover no more than 20% of an ad image, but it has long been exceptionally inconsistent and a major pain point for any business small or large looking to advertise within the Facebook community.

In order to determine whether or not advertisements adhered to the 20% rule, Facebook offered the use of a tool that divided images with a 25-rectangle grid. Using the grid, if your text took up more than 20% of those rectangles, your ad would not be given the okay to run. The tool was largely ineffective and reliant on the position of the text more than it did the amount of text on an ad.

In an effort to maintain a high influx of advertising dollars, Facebook decided that the 20% rule must be improved or better yet removed. Within the new text guidelines, ads will no longer be rejected based on the amount of text they contain. They will instead suffer a lower reach than their reduced text counterparts, in some cases significantly. Facebook has developed a listing of image text ratings which they use to categorize your ad and will allow for advertisers to test their ad content in a new text overlay tool.

The evolution of the advertising platform Facebook provides is something that all marketers should be aware of as they continue to practice best ad techniques. According to Facebook, users prefer ads with little to no text, and we’d tend to agree. If you want your ads to get the highest reach possible, put your text in the Facebook post versus the image itself.

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