The Twitter Update You Need to Know About

02 Oct The Twitter Update You Need to Know About

The Twitter Update You Need to Know About

Author: Mike Conley, Digital Marketing Manager

The functionality of the blue badge eventually evolved into a way of identifying those individuals and accounts maintaining strong social influence across the platform. Coined as a term to identify these highly influential individuals, “influencers” have become a great means of reaching large audiences in an impactful manner. Identified as more than just individuals of notoriety or high status, influencers come from a wide variety of occupational backgrounds. It is not rare to find bloggers, journalists, athletes, popular animals and social media stars with verified accounts, better providing them with the credibility their audiences have come to know and trust.

In an attempt to provide Twitter users with more and more authentic content, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey shared in a press conference earlier this year that the end goal is to verify everyone on the network. “The intention is to open verification to everyone, and to do it in a way that is scalable where [Twitter is] not in the way,” the CEO said. “And people can verify more facts about themselves, and we don’t have to be the judge or imply any bias on our part.”

This projected influx in verified accounts brings upon some concern that the blue check marks will lose their ability to differentiate users for authentic content and will therefore reduce the value of a verified account. As marketers looking to enhance client brand authenticity and trustworthiness, we know that the devaluing of an organization’s social account can be detrimental to their social successes and ultimately business.

To avoid the devaluation of accounts across the platform, Twitter has implemented a new standard and verification process, designed to weed out those individuals and organizations unworthy of account verification. To begin this process in the safest way possible, Twitter is going to require that new users verify their email address as well as their phone number. This being with the hopes of alleviating spam, bots, and fake account verification. It’s hard to say what this universal verification update will mean for those accounts currently verified with the blue badge, but the wedü team is excited to adapt to the ever-changing nuances of one of the most popular social platforms in the present day.

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