The Importance of Google Analytics

18 Jun The Importance of Google Analytics

The Importance of Google Analytics

Author: Carolanne Donovan, Social Media Storyteller

Google Analytics can provide your business with extremely valuable insights that can be used to increase sales, leads and improve the online user experience of your customers, just to name a few. It is best to check with your website team to ensure your site has Google Analytics tracking enabled; you’d be surprised by how many older sites still don’t have it and therefore miss out on ample amounts of beneficial data. Below, I have outlined just how informative the use of this data can be and how you can best use it to help your company’s sales.

Important Questions Google Analytics Can Answer:
  • How many people visit my website?
    • Click Audience/Overview
    • High average time on site and a low bounce rate indicate that visitors are finding your site useful.
    • Google considers a website visit a bounce when someone visits the site and clicks on no additional pages.
    • Look for your lowest traffic days and highest bounce days. This tells us when your users are more highly engaged. If you plan to send an email you will likely get better results during the high traffic and low bounce days.
  • Where do my visitors live?
    • Click Audience/Geo/Location
    • If all of a sudden your website visits from a certain country go from 3 monthly views to 3,000 your site may be compromised.
    • If you click on the map of the US and then select any of the states from the list it will give you a breakdown of where the people engaging on your site live. This information can be helpful when determining placement of other marketing collateral.
  • How much mobile traffic does the site have?
    • Click Audience/Mobile/Overview
    • If your bounce rate significantly higher on mobile than desktop? This tells us that people are coming to the site and either not finding what they need or what they need is difficult to use on mobile.
  • What websites send traffic to my website?
    • Click Acquisition/All Traffic/Referrals
    • This section shows what other sites are sending traffic your way. It can be helpful to know to confirm the information they are sharing is up to date and to monitor if there are spikes and if so where they are coming from.
Section Overviews:
  • Dashboards/Private/My Dashboard is a great place to look if you have limited time. You get the big picture items all in one place.
  • Shortcuts is a place where reports are saved. If we help you to create Google Analytics specific reports they can be saved to this tab for easy viewing at a later date.
  • Intelligence Events gives a list of relevant events that are presented in a list. A sharp decrease in your bounce rate would be considered an important event that would be on the list. This is another great place to look if you have limited time, but it matters more if you have Google AdWords running.
  • Real-Time shows what is happening on your site right now. It shows pages that are being activity engaged with, where users are located and where they came to your site from. This is a fun feature to look at immediately following an email send.
  • Behavior will show you a behavior flow which is basically a chart that helps you to see how people are engaging with your site and when people are leaving your site. This section will also show you your most popular pages, how long your site takes to load and give you ideas how to decrease site load times based on best practices.
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