Helpful Ways to Increase Browser Speed & Battery Life

03 Jul Helpful Ways to Increase Browser Speed & Battery Life

Helpful Ways to Increase Browser Speed & Battery Life

There are many browsers on the market today for users to pick and choose at their leisure, all of which have different functionalities and utilize different operating platforms. Here at wedü, our browser of choice tends to be Chrome for its high-speed functionality, which has shown to drain our device battery life slightly faster than other browser platforms. Although this hasn’t proven itself to be a major issue as our devices are typically plugged into a power source throughout the day, the knowledge of browser pros and cons have proven to be beneficial for multiple reasons.

Unbeknownst to many, there are some helpful tools built into each browser which allow users to get the most out of their device battery life. These tools can help you identify which of your internet tabs are using the most resources, one of which could be one that you are not even using. In order to determine which tabs are hogging your device memory and ultimately your device battery, follow along to theses outlined steps:

1. Click on your menu icon, the three dots in the top right-hand corner. Go down to more tools and select task manager. This will show you all your extensions and tabs running.

2. Review what extensions & tabs are utilizing the most memory, and those that you are no longer using and close or disable them.

3. Review the CPU usage on each of your extensions or tabs, keeping note of any that have spikes in CPU usage. If your computer fan is running and the CPU usage is high, the tab may just need to be restarted. Just remember, that the culmination of resource usage across multiple tabs and extensions is enough to affect the speed and ultimately the battery life of your devices.

If you have gone through steps 1-3 and determined that you need a more automated system, then utilizing an extension that disables inactive tabs may be your best option. Although this may sound counter intuitive to browser speed and battery life, the amount of resources in which it uses is a minimal fraction compared to the resources it saves. The extension that we have found to be helpful for these purposes is called “The Great Suspender”, but there are many other options available on the market today. Whether you decide to go about cleaning up your extension and tab usage manually or with the use of a browser extension, it will inevitably benefit the speed of your browser, as well as the battery life of your device greatly.

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