Hannah St. George

Project Manager

With entrepreneurship at her core, Hannah takes a creative problem-solving approach to everything she does. She started off consulting with small businesses, having worked on a variety of projects before coming to wedü, and she’s eager to take her experience to a new level. No matter the size of the project, Hannah is ready to dive into a new challenge. Her perfectionist standpoint as a rower, mixed with the added edge that comes with practicing martial arts will bring a fresh perspective that our clients will love working with.

What’s for lunch?
Something fresh and local. I’m never a picky eater!

What am I doing this weekend?
I’ll be teaching martial arts at my dojo in Nashua, then hitting up the farmers market.

What’s in my headphones?
Something that keeps me pumped, whether it’s songs from my workout playlist or tracks from my favorite movies and TV shows.

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