Preparing an up-and-coming cannabis brand for growth in new markets.
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Client Overview

The idea for CLDZ (klOUdz) was made reality in 2021. Dean Baltulonis and Steve Pica began a collaboration with the goal of developing effective, natural, and delicious cannabis products. The result of this creative partnership is CLDZ’ flagship product, a modern and inventive vegan, gluten-free, cannabis juice shot handcrafted in small batches, with no artificial flavors or preservatives.

Clean, minimalist, and vibrant cannabis product packaging.

Reinforcing the brand

As CLDZ agency growth partner, we actively support the brand across all channels, in all markets. wedü’s creative and strategy teams have crafted an aesthetic that is a hybrid of surreal imagery with a hint of humor. This new brand platform embodies what CLDZ stands for and stands apart from other products in a crowded cannabis market.

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