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Client Overview

lēf Farms, a New Hampshire-based baby greens hydroponic grower set a goal to increase their market share in small local and large grocery stores across New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut. This relatively small producer was a challenger brand to major players such as Bright Farms, Little Leaf, and Olivia’s.

To displace established brands from the shelves lēf had to diligently cultivate brand credibility and ignite consumer appetite for the product.

The Project

wedü took a fully digital approach to address these challenges, creating hyper-targeted digital engagements centered around specific grocery chains and family-owned local markets that are hyper-local, smaller in size, and focused on product quality. By working directly with many of these smaller grocers, wedü was able to craft unique digital programs focused on growing lēf’s reach and brand exposure, as well as capturing social followers for future campaigns.

The Strategy

Market launches typically include a strategy of selling to the most likely customer through highly targeted social ads, FSI printing, and channel partner engagement. We opted to use a low-barrier, high engagement approach, incentivizing consumers to take a social action in exchange for a gift card to their local shop. We were able to simultaneously increase lēf’s social following allowing us to capture high-intent audiences that could then be transitioned to lower-cost educational engagements. Through a series of infographics, rewards for social engagement, and unique advertising vehicles, we increased product knowledge and brand awareness while driving the audience to re-purchase. This specifically curated content focused on fresher and faster to market salad, heads-up competitor comparisons, and taste profiles and lifestyle choices.

In each market, lef consistently realized between 30-38% sales lift during our campaign periods.

The Results

The campaign evolved from incentives and sales to engagement with the community, with our team focused on less frequent sales promotions once we achieved a captive audience. In each market, lēf Farms consistently realized between 30-38% sales lift during our campaign periods. And, after just two years of engagement lēf Farms was solidly on the map, eventually being acquired by a major competitor.

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