NH Liquor & Wine Outlet
Agency of Record for an $800m wine and spirit retailer.
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Client Overview

With nearly 80 stores throughout the state, the New Hampshire Liquor and Wine Outlets is not only one of the largest retailers in New Hampshire but, as a state run agency, is an integral contributor to the state’s economy. It was necessary that they partner with an agency to advance the organization into a digital adopter.

From evolution of the brand, both within the state and in surrounding states, to a heightened focus on digital engagement, including the build of an award-winning app, wedü continues to focus on the use of technology to aid in growing retail sales.

What’s Your Outlet Video Series

Everyone has an outlet. It’s what you do when you’re looking to relax, spend time with others, or having some fun. It could be picnicking with friends, hanging out on your deck while the sun goes down, or exploring nature. Enjoy your outlet, and then enjoy ours.

This multi-state campaign bridged entertainment with awareness, consumer escalation tactics, and point-of-sale incentives to help boost summer time sales.

Creating a 90-day consumer engagement campaign with world-renowned distillers and wine makers.







Holidays are everything in retail – so you better do them right.

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