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The Client

Since its inception in 2001, SteelSeries has epitomized the vanguard of esports and professional gaming. Pioneering the sponsorship of inaugural pro players, crafting bespoke products tailored for elite teams, and propelling extraordinary gamers to worldwide acclaim, SteelSeries remains steadfast in its commitment to revolutionizing the gaming landscape and empowering players worldwide.


With an expansive presence, the North America Marketing Team sought a creative partner to ensure the consistent and razor-sharp portrayal of their brand across diverse channels and retail outlets. Impressed by wedü’s remarkable track record with Jabra, another leading consumer electronics brand, SteelSeries enlisted our support to drive their ambitious growth initiatives forward.

Our creative team keeps finding new and different ways to design scroll-stopping experiences for gamers.

Our goal is staying ahead of trends and crafting compelling experiences that resonate with the gaming community.

The Challenge

In the fast-paced world of channel retail for major brands, staying ahead is paramount. What your competitors overlook today, they’ll seize upon tomorrow. Thus, agility is key—we call it moving at the speed of business. Our task is to constantly craft fresh experiences that not only capture gamers’ attention but also set the SteelSeries brand apart in a sea of ever-growing products. This is our core challenge: to consistently enhance brand appeal and equity among gamers by producing creative that breaks through the noise, compelling them to pause and take notice.

The Execution

In the dynamic realm of retail, our designers are tasked with anticipating and comprehending the intricate activation plans of the SteelSeries NA Marketing Team. These plans encompass a wide array of mediums, from digital advertising to channel creative for prominent platforms like Amazon and Best Buy, as well as social media, print, and video. Given the stakes involved, we foster direct collaboration between our designers and the client, facilitating brainstorming sessions, concept development, and campaign crafting. This collaborative approach, down to the very tools we utilize, has yielded impactful and innovative creative content that resonates deeply with gamers on a national level.

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