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Double digit growth for an elite athlete educator.
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Client Overview

US Performance Academy (USPA) is the only online school offering elite athletes a high quality education while also enabling them to achieve their dreams in sport. USPA learning coaches are paired with athletes to support and pursue the student’s academic passions and challenges.


A learning coach is assigned to every student upon enrollment and sticks with them throughout their entire USPA journey. Many USPA students think of their learning coach as a mentor. This relationship is crucial for the support of the student and parent at USPA.

The Project.

USPA set a goal to achieve double-digit growth while simultaneously lowering the cost to acquire a customer. They had set a strong foundation, selecting Hubspot as their CRM and marketing ops platform. To this point, however, there was no extensive campaign buildout that considered the buyers journey and how to effectively escalate and identify prospects that were ready to buy.

The Challenge

Finding parents ahead of enrollment cycles, who were searching for a new schooling method for their children, at scale, was proving difficult. They needed a partner that could maximize their budget and marketing efforts, that could work with their sales team to close the loop on qualified leads, and could do all that without burning the marketing budget.


We approached the problem from a different perspective, employing unique tools and Hubspot integrations that identify anonymous repeat visitors and trigger follow up direct mail and email to them.



of inbound leads were qualified


became sales opportunities


enrolled as students
Bringing the brand to the big screen.

With a strong lead identification and follow up process set, it was time to begin building awareness and generating demand for USPA’s highly valuable education offering. Our video crew wasted no time scripting and storyboarding their brand anthem video, featuring live action, special effects, and sound engineering – all built around storylines that resonate with elite athletes and their parents.

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