Meet the düers.

We are artists, data nerds, business owners, entrepreneurs & big-picture thinkers. Together, we transform your goals into awe-inspiring realities.

Our Team

Sean Owen
Amy Welch
Head of Accounts
Eric Ott
Creative Director
Liam Roberge
VP Agency Growth
James Basbas
Account Director
Jeff Tagliaferro
Director of Business Development
Kent Rich
Director of Videography
Melissa Gillis
Senior Designer
Lucien Jodoin
Project Manager
Jake Andreoli
Web Developer
Julia Chappell
Graphic Designer
Natashia Dela Cruz
Account Admin
Tarek Daugherty
Accounting Manager
Shaun Fahey
Account Manager
Philip Gaudette
Account Manager
Clay Johnson
Post Production Manager
Sumesh Kumar
Web Developer
Hailey McCaffrey
Social Media Manager
Gavin McFarland
Account Manager
Josh Miller
Account Manager
Geoff Poster
Digital Advertising Specialist
Murray Stall
CRM + Customer Journey Strategist
Amanda Wilmarth
Media Buyer
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