Inspiring Movement and Brain Power Through Activity Tracking

Fire Up Your Feet, a national non-profit whose mission is to help kids perform better in the classroom by making them more active, had an immediate need: evolve their website from a sluggish system hampered by downtime into an innovative activity tracking platform.

With a strategic approach and clear vision of the necessary platform enhancements, wedü built a new activity-tracking platform that gives users a tool to measure student well-being, incentivize physical activity and encourage regional and national competition.

The system offers:

  • Activity tracking
  • Real time mapping
  • Physical activity resources
  • Data provider APIs
  • Reporting
  • Regional customization
  • Activity conversion algorithms
  • Persuasive user interface

The result is a platform that offers students, parents, and educators a visible measurement of their physical activity and how that relates to realizing their dreams. A faster tracking and management interface, real-time display of data and more intuitive user experience adds convenience factor to cutting edge design.


Fire Up Your Feet also had a need to heighten awareness of their core mission. Craving wow factor in their marketing collateral to attract new schools and deepen relationships with existing schools, they engaged wedü again. Working together with a local studio, wedü developed two multi-award winning commercials to promote the platform and the impact that activity can have on kids' lives.

The PSA developed was broadcast nationally with money backed by Nike to encourage efforts by parents, schools, community leaders and local, state, and federal governments to improve the health and well-being of children by enabling and applauding them for walking and biking to school – all through the use of their platform.

Stats Don’t Lie.

The proof is in the pudding. Activity alone indicates success: over 3,000 participating schools, almost 2 billion miles of activity and over 7 billion minutets of activity have been logged on the platform. Through their challenges, Fire Up Your Feet donates $70,000 annually to the schools with the highest level of activity among student enrollment.