Growing an established brand into new territory

McLane Middleton had earned its success as one of New Hampshire’s largest and most established law firms. Building on that, the firm made the decision to expand into Massachusetts to accommodate their clients’ growing needs.

Founded in 1919, McLane’s good name in New Hampshire had been over 90 years in the making. But, as a relative newcomer in Massachusetts, a refreshed and consistent brand story would be required to continue their growth.

Your brand is more than a logo, it’s a promise. McLane worked with wedü to solidify that promise and continue the evolution of the McLane brand.

Traditional Strength

wedü performed a competitive review to better inform McLane of the landscape they’d be entering. We spoke with dozens of lawyers and firm stakeholders to help identify the essence of McLane.

Further, we interviewed and surveyed hundreds of firm clients to gauge everything from customer satisfaction to knowledge of firm specialty areas.

(Re)building an icon

Research and discovery with McLane led wedü to develop a brand built on the firm’s experience, cross-team capabilities, and a rare dedication to serving the many communities McLane calls home.

McLane worked with wedü to quickly ensure the new brand be applied from web site to stationary. The century-old name was reenergized and refocused in less than a year’s time.

Telling A Story Through Web Design

Building a brand, or in this case reimagining one, is a layered and important process. To really make a brand shine you need to think about the story and not just who the story teller is. This allowed McLane and wedü to pull out the core pillars of the firm and establish those as foundational elements to a new web experience that changes the game for legal websites.