With our help, PROCON launched a complete company rebrand that emphasizes their combined architectural design, project planning and construction services. Following the rebrand a new website that better reflected PROCON’s unique approach was required. A main pain point with their previous branding and website were that their unique offering was not showcased well. Small images and outdated copy did not show their innovative projects and approach in the best light.

Planning, organization, communication and leadership are PROCON’s hallmarks so during their rebranding process we took a page from their book and performed extensive research and worked strategically to achieve their goals. We got to know their innovative, forward-thinking philosophy during the process and took the information we had learned and made sure it became the backbone of our efforts.

Our team was responsible for designing and creating a new brand identity to better reflect PROCON’s unique approach to building. The focused collaboration of architectural services, construction and all related building requirements was a clear differentiator and became the focus of the rebrand effort.


In today’s world clients and partners are caring less and less about your name and more and more about your story and what it means to them. Too often brands miss an opportunity to convey what makes them different. PROCON’s new brand was created by stepping back and looking at a complete picture; from operational processes that differentiate them to the pillars of the business to the people on the front lines who make their projects successful. Gathering the right information is what allowed our team to convey their true brand story. The company needed an identity that communicated their strength, collaboration and teamwork, but didn’t abandon the expectations of a long and storied industry.

Our design team balanced a strong color and font selection and a new mark that incorporated clean, architectural lines. The end product was a system that illustrates three critical parties coming together to move a project forward to a successful future.


The focus of the award-nominated website was to compliment the new brand as a representation of PROCON’s capabilities, size, portfolio and partners. The new website provides an interactive platform for PROCON to feature a wide variety of projects in a collective portfolio and prove the value that their fully integrated design-build process delivers to their customers.

Showcasing their work was one of the top priorities of the site, but making their web presence more user friendly played a key role as well. We designed the new website to be innovative, but easy to navigate and track. A simple but compelling interface features intuitive navigation alongside dramatic photos. Style and aesthetic are just the beginning. Each page on this site is, true to the PROCON brand, set up to communicate what actions are being taken and what their users are truly looking for. That performance data will be used on the next iteration of the company’s website.